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John Bell & Associates Inventory & Cruising Newsletter

Australian National University

Forestry Measuring and Modelling Website

Kim Iles

 Government – British Columbia Tthe Workers' Compensation Board of BC

Cruising Manual

Ministry of Forests, Revenue Branch

Cruise Compilation Manual

Ministry of Forests, Revenue Branch

Field Manual for Describing Terrestrial Ecosystems

Land Management Handbook 25

B.C. Ministry of Forests  Forest Science Program

Vegetation Resource Inventory Website

Ministry of Forest and Range

Site Index Curves and Tables for British Columbia — Interior Species

Field Guide Insert 6

B.C. Ministry of Forests  Forest Science Program

Revenue Branch Home

Ministry of Forests

What’s New

Ministry of Forests

Ministry of Forests GPS Standards

Forestry Acronyms and Initialisms

Ministry of Forests


Government – Canada

Canadian Forest Service Website

Canada Geological Survey Commission

Magnetic Declination Website

Pacific Forestry Centre

National Research Council


Government – United States

US Forest Service Cruising Website


Institutions and Associations - WEB SITES

Northern Interior Cruising Committee

ASTTBC – Timber Cruising Certification Board

ABCFP -  Assoc. of BC Forest Professionals

FERIC _Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada

Canadian Institute of Forestry

UBC Forestry Library



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