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Nominations for new Directors for SITCA:

The ideal SITCA board of directors is made up of 9 individuals, 3 each of Consultants, Licensees and Ministry. These directors spend many volunteer hours working hard to have a voice in the Cruising World They provide input towards annual Cruise Manual changes and organize the annual Southern Interior Timber Cruising seminar.

Each year some Director positions become available and we would like to invite all who are interested to nominate themselves for a position. SITCA is looking for people who are experienced with all aspects of timber cruising, the cruising manual and the policies put in place by Revenue Branch,

If you feel strongly about the direction timber cruising in British Columbia is going and would like to have an influence on its’ development, we ask that you consider joining the SITCA board of directors. There are some restrictions to eligibility given the responsibilities that go with being a board member. Please carefully read the attached Terms of Reference to decide your eligibility, and then provide a resume outlining your experience, current position and your goals for SITCA.

The nomination committee will study and discuss all submissions, check the references and decide which individuals qualify for nomination. All individuals expressing an interest in becoming a SITCA Board Member will be contacted to inform them of their status of application. Eligible nominees will have their name entered on a ballot for voting during the AGM.

Nomination Evaluation Criteria
(Terms of Reference)

The terms of reference (TOR) given here are to be used by the SITCA Board of Directors as a guide to help in the selection of nominees for new board members. This TOR is to be used consistently, in order to maintain transparency and fairness in the process of selecting nominees. Some of the attributes are mandatory to be considered eligible to sit on the Board and some are preferred. Relative experience is defined here as: board/committee membership, cruising, compilations, appraisals, large event co-ordination and bookkeeping.

The selection of nominees will be as follows:

Candidates will provide written expression of interest before April 15 of each year and include all the information requested below, in order to gain consideration for election at the next AGM.

Evaluation of submissions will be completed by the Nominating Committee, using the criteria contained in this document and the list of acceptable candidates brought forward for election at the AGM.

Successful nominees will be contacted. Unsuccessful nominees will receive letters of thanks and encouragement.

Mandatory Information and Attributes

Name – (full legal name)

Physical Address – Home/business

Telephone # - home/business

Email address

Company or employer – full name and address

Being a director requires a commitment of time to donate to the board, equating to approximately 5 working days, excluding time spent at the annual seminar.

To be considered as a board member the candidate (and company affiliation) must be in good standing with MOF, as well as the business community (references to be provided upon request). The candidate(s) must be able to demonstrate that all past dealings with Sitca, MoF and the Business Community have been done so in a professional, courteous and legal manner.

Candidate must be a SITCA member in good standing for 2+ years, and must have attended at least 2 seminars in past 4 years.

Preferred Attributes

ATC/ ATE/ RFT/ Technician / RPF

Experience with cruising, compilations and appraisals (references).

Large event co-ordination (describe seminars organized, or helped out with).

Bookkeeping /committee and Board membership experience.

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